• Jun 22, 2017
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Beautiful Design Made Simple Summer 2017 Magazine Preview

Summer Designers Digital Magazine Articles

From pattern to patio, color to curb appeal, floral to floor, the 2017 Summer Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple boasts over 25 pages of summer-inspired design ideas and advice for the home. Accompanied by issue staples, including designer videos, 12 full pages of décor inspiration, and an exclusive Behind the Design Q&A, this issue is not one to miss. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can except to see in the 2017 Summer Issue, now available: 

Interior Design Digital Magazine

Décor: Kalena Throw Pillow from Surya, Melange Collection Area Rug by Kaleen, Palermo Upholstery Fabric by Meredith Heron for JF Fabrics, Framed Print from Surya, Antiquity Wallcovering by JF Fabrics.

We admit, floral décor can be intimidating. But there’s a way to incorporate pretty petaled prints within your home, while maintaining the modern aesthetic you love. The secret? BIG BLOOMS. From accent walls and abstract prints to fearless floral fabrics, we’re all about BIG pops of petals… Continue Reading

Interior Design Digital Magazine

Interior design is all about balance – whether it is texture, color or scale. But what about design style? Must we stay within the margins of just one? The answer is no. Mixing your favorite elements of traditional and modern design not only creates a well-balanced space, but creates a unique style all your own… Continue Reading

Interior Design Digital Magazine

Designers are confronted with a myriad of design decisions every day, but what does not fall on the practical side, is left to our discretion and imagination. Clearly a creative pursuit, some might argue that aesthetic composition is essentially infinite in possibilities… Continue Reading

View the 2017 Summer Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine.

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